About Us

GENERAL TOOLS SERVICES is in the forefront in the supply of SAFETY EQUIPMENT & ALLIED WELDING MATERIALS in Nigeria through our OUTLETS, SUPPORT SERVICES & E-COMMERCE. We procure, sell and supply a variety of Personal Protective Equipment to the Construction, Energy (including Oil and Gas), Marine and Manufacturing Sectors since 1990.

Safety is primary and critical in every sector now. Thus, our focus is to provide GOOD Products, BETTER Pricing and BEST Services. Our Team is always ready to deliver according to clients schedule and reasonable expectation, maintaining a very high standard of quality.

Our strategy involves adequate stocking, local and global partnerships that enables our team of dedicated professionals to meet and sometimes exceed expected quality objectives of our customers.

We pledge to supply YOU products that enhance your safety and bottom-line.

GTS Company Statement


Make Working SAFE.


To become the best source for SAFETY & WELDING supplies in Lagos in 5 years.



Our Services.

At General Tools Services, we provide a wide range of services. We handle supply of various safety equipment for workplace safety, marine safety and traffic safety.

For workplace safety, we provide gear and equipment such as helmets, safety harnesses, safety boots, safety rain boot etc. For traffic safety, we supply equipment like your traffic cones, reflective vests e.t.c. Marine safety is also not left out as we supply life jackets also. Lastly we also provide equipment for welding businesses such as welding gloves, goggles, aprons and masks.

Apart from supply of such items, we are also involved in branding of uniforms, helmets, Hi Viz Products and polo/t-shirt.

We are also proud brand owners of our Bethanis® safety gear including safety rain boots and protective gloves. We are committed to assuring your safety by providing gear that is of the highest standards.

What Our Customers Say

Their marine protection wears are standard. My workers and I use them a lot.

John Danlocks, CEO Santoil

We never buy safety products except it is from Bethanis (now known as General Tools Services), we can guarantee the standard.

Lanre Williams, MD Formad